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We Have New Flood Insurance Options Outside of the NFIP Program for You and Your Clients. Nash Insurance & Associates have several private insurance companies who now offer flood insurance outside of the (NFIP) National Flood Insurance Program. Their rates are usually lower and are based on occupancy, location and the lowest living floor elevation.  Your client can purchase higher limits of coverage other than the NFIP $250,000 on the dwelling and $100,000 on the contents and include additional coverages that are important after a flood, like Additional Living Expense coverage.

Every homeowner has a rate that can vary from one neighbor to the next based on the following

  • coverage amount
  • occupancy
  • location
  • elevation above sea level

We will shop the coverage on each home with several companies and let you know if it is to their advantage to go with an Independent Company or through the NFIP program. Standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover flooding. A separate flood policy is needed. Whether in a coastal region or inland, consumers must prepare no matter where they live. Each person may have a different situation. The best thing to do is to call our office 239.333.0888 and get a quote from an experienced agent.

<span>Flood Insurance in Fort Myers, FL</span>

Flood Insurance in Fort Myers, FL

Flood insurance is essential for any property owner living in an area prone to flooding. Depending on your primary insurance policy, flooding may not be covered. This kind of situation might leave you– ironically–high and dry if a flood does occur.

To prevent dipping into your savings to cover losses, consider getting a flood insurance policy with a reliable provider. Insurance providers specializing in these policies can protect your home from flood damages while staying within your budget. Flood insurance may be confusing to some. To help you learn more, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from homeowners.

What Is Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is property insurance that covers a dwelling for any losses that you might sustain if you have water damage from flooding. There are various ways in which your property can flood – prolonged rain, coastal storm surges, melted snow, blocked drainage systems, or dam failure. Regardless of the source of the flood, a good flood insurance policy will cover you as well as your belongings in case of damages.

Is It Worth Getting Flood Insurance?

A basic homeowner insurance policy may seem sufficient for many people — these cover general damages as well as thefts within the home. However, they may not cover flooding. In many places, flooding is considered a 'vis major' event. This means that it is a natural occurrence or an 'act of God'.

Many policies do not cover 'vis major' events. For you, this will mean paying for any flooding damages out of pocket. Getting flood insurance can prevent this from happening. Speak to an experienced insurance advisor from Nash Insurance about working flood insurance into your plan so that you can get comprehensive coverage while managing your finances.

How Much (On Average) Is Flood Insurance in Florida?

Pricing can be a primary concern for customers. However, while you're on the hunt for an affordable flood insurance quote, it's crucial to make sure that you're also getting exemplary service. Depending on your provider, less pricey flood insurance policies may have less coverage.

Luckily for you, Florida has the most affordable insurance rates, with the average policy costing $613 a year. Here at Nash Insurance and Associates, we can shop the market to find you the best deals while making sure you're getting proper coverage.

We also work with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to provide you with the best options possible. In addition, the NFIP works to regulate flood insurance policy pricing to take care of homeowners.

What Is Covered by Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance is catastrophe insurance that covers the water damage when your property floods. As such, a policyholder can receive compensation if floodwaters damage the property or contents of your property. If anything collapses, fails, or is destroyed, the policy will compensate you to rebuild. However, this is only possible up to the policy coverage limit.

What Is Not Covered by Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance does not cover damage that is not from floodwaters. This means that flood insurance will not cover damage from earth movement, even if a flood has caused the movement. It will also not cover financial losses from business interruption or living expenses for temporary housing. Property outside the insured building, such as decks, hot tubs, plants, and septic systems, is also not covered by the basic flood insurance policy.

What Happens if Your House Floods and You Do Not Have Flood Insurance?

Flood insurance for homeowners is essential because it protects you from unplanned expenses. Depending on where you live, if your house floods without the right insurance policy, you'll have to pay for the damages out of your pocket. Unfortunately, many insurance policies do not account for natural disasters like floods or storms. This means that you'll be on your own without a flood insurance policy.

Where can I get a local insurance agent?

Nash Insurance and Associates can provide you with access to comprehensive flood insurance policies in Florida. Our services are a call away, and getting a quote is as easy as clicking on our site.

Find out more about flood insurance by contacting us or calling 239-333-0888.

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