Accidents happen – it’s a fact of life. Lawsuits can sometimes follow. Your home and auto insurance policies help provide protection – up to your policy limits – for covered bodily injury and property damage liability losses. That’s solid protection, but would it be enough if you were involved in a car accident where someone was seriously hurt and took you to court? It’s something you don’t want to find out the hard way.

An Accident can mean a big lawsuit.

That’s why you need a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP). This is a policy that works with your current liability coverage to help better protect the things that matter to you the most. It is usually purchased in increments of $1,000,000. The amount depends on how much you have to lose.

Adding a PUP will help give you peace of mind that you’re well protected with a higher amount of liability coverage and protection for certain types of losses that auto and homeowner policies may not cover. These important benefits are paired with one company to handle all your liability claims and lawsuits, a lawyer to represent you in court and worldwide coverage. Best of all, you can get this added coverage for around $1.00 a day.

Life changes, your insurance should also. A Personal Umbrella Policy from Galt Insurance Group can help protect your assets today and potential earnings down the road.